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You can now download the film from the trailer on the homepage via the good people at Distrify: you can share it and if you want, set it up to earn YOU money as people buy it from the embedded player on your Blog /website etc…even though we all prefer physical to own,  this is one way we can make some money back from the film and give people the option to own a digital version too.Help us spread the word:

Meanwhile the film is beginning to get some traction in the USA which is very good news.


….after a very successful RSD release of the Delux DVD around the world and a Sky Arts UK airing that saw us top the viewing figures! we are doing more screenings around the world and seeing the film take hold in the USA and Canada.

If you haven’t got one yet, the Delux DVD features 74 min’s of extras inc a mammoth 25 min interview with the wonderful Johnny Marr….

Thanks for all the continued support….



Blue Hippo Media and Proper Music Publishing are delighted to announce three monumental steps in the ongoing journey of the film:

  • We have secured a broadcast deal with Sky Arts that will see the film aired on two prime time slots tied in with Record Store Day. Scheduled for Friday 19th April at 9pm and Saturday 20th April at 5pm.
  • A new Deluxe edition of the DVD will be released at the same time. Beware – there are Deluxe editions and there are Deluxe editions! This is the real deal with an extra 74 minutes of footage including extended interviews with Johnny Marr, Richard Hawley, Billy Bragg and others, along with record shop owners telling funny anecdotes about life behind the record shop counter. None of this will be shown on the TV broadcast and is exclusive to the DVD. The physical DVD will be available initially only through independent record shops taking part in Record Store Day 2013.
  • At the same time the Deluxe edition will be launched in Canada and the USA through our friends at Conveyor and MVD with the USA premiere being held across the country in independent record shops during the week before RSD.

We have a special screening of the film at the famous Curzon Soho cinema at 6.30pm on the 18th April with an intro and QA with the filmmakers and special guests.

Well, we are the official film of Record Store Day 2013, that’s a real honour! April 20th…make sure you get down to you local indie record shop.

We have USA and Canada distribution so LSS will be available there on and after RSD 2013 which is April 20.

We are in the final throws of a UK TV deal to broadcast the film.

We have a Delux version of the film out for RSD….its got allot of extras!!!

The film is still screening across the UK and overseas…check the screenings page..

OK so that’s it for now….thanks for all the support.


We’ve got some big news but we cant share it yet: sorry you will just have to wait!!

BUT 2013 is beginning to look like a big year for the film and will build upon the success of 2012.

We are still screening in cinemas and alternative venues across the UK and overseas and the film continues to captivate audiences.

International interest is growing with the film being distributed far and wide which is great to see a little film about UK indie record shops translate to other cultures.

We have built an active social media platform via Twitter and FB with 1000’s following and staying in touch and in the conversation around indie record shops and music matters in general.

Thanks for the continued support.