Lots of press interest and screenings increase..

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The film is going from strength to strength with lots of national and regional press interest:

We have featured on Radio 6 recently.

We are also getting lots of screenings up and down the UK and from overseas: so do check out the screenings list as there may be one near you coming up.

Sales continue to grow as people go to their indie record shop to buy one or from on line: please keep spreading the word

So it does seem our little film has caught a real wave of interest in both the resurgence of vinyl and in our much loved local indie record shops.

Thanks for all the support and to keep connected join our facebook group or check back to the website regularly


exclusive excerpt to view

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We have uploaded a new clip into videos ” do record shops have a future?” to help keep the conversation going around the film: check it out:

Do you think record stores have a future??

Watch the clip: get the film: visit a record shop and get in on the conversation



Film screenings growing as media interest in the film increases

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Well what a few weeks: a great premiere on the 5th Sept at the wonderful ritzy cinema in Brixton  London followed by our official DVD release and screenings from the 10th. Loads of screenings now lined up with more to come: keep checking the screenings part of the website: media interested continues to grow with Radio 6 picking up on the story and a great review due out in Q music:

The social media platforms continue to grow with great feedback about the film: small independent films like ours need lots of ” noise” and that comes from our fans talking to one another and all their mates about the film so please keep doing that…

Good feedback coming through

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Getting some great feedback about the film on various websites and lots of magazine articles and reviews primed. Lots of work going into the official world premier Sept 5th in London and the official release on Sept 10th.. v v exciting if you haven’t seen official trailer yet click here!

Film is finished!

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The film is finished and looking really good: we are all very pleased and hope it will be a film that music fans worldwide will find inspiring and engaging: it will certainly make you want to get out and into record shops and buying music!! Remember you can pre order from any independent record shop. Also join the conversation and like us and come and engage with us on Facebook.

Hi-Fi News & Record Review

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Hi-Fi News & Record Review, the world’s longest-serving and most respected hi-fi magazine, is proud to sponsor Last Shop Standing. Alongside our in-depth coverage of audio equipment, Hi-Fi News has continued to publish LP reviews and insightful music features every month – we were in the vanguard of the vinyl revival before it even started!

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